About Us



The SONECOL is a company created in 1955, dedicated to the manufacture of tin articles and bodywork. The increase occurred in the 70s in the manufacturing of plastics led to the replacement of many of the articles then manufactured in galvanized iron plate. So, in 1975 it’s made an overall restructuring of the company, resulting in the currently existing industry dedicated to the manufacture of ironing boards, ladders, clotheslines, camping goods and other household articles. Nowadays SONECOL still working as a family business whose main objective is the correct interpretation of the needs of customers and markets as well as their satisfaction. For this purpose, his administration depends on his effort in continuous technological updating, preservation of the environment and a special attention to its social function, either with respect to all employees, whether in the community where it operates. Currently has customers on all continents and is one of the most representative industries of these products in Western Europe.


Being one of the best and most recognised goods manufacturers european specializing in ironing boards, ladders and clotheslines. Continuously improving their competitiveness providing industrial capacity and service within the customer’s expectations.


The Sonecol mission consists in manufacture of household applicances and the company offer to their customers and consumers a wide range of ironing boards, ladders and clotheslines, created with innovation, quality and an excellent price.



Internal promotion of creativity and share of ideas and experiences obtained with customers and suppliers analysing of global trends,searching of new products and conception of materials and technologies.


Continuous improvement

Searching for continuous improvement and excellence based on the training and qualification of employees as well as the control of products and processes.


Effectiveness and Efficiency

Make the best in the best possible way. Sonecol develops and modernizes their human and material resources in order to achieve the objectives defined by the highest quality and efficiency standards.



The company adapts its resources and capacity to customer needs, demonstrating a proactive attitude and behavior "open-minded".