06 Jul 2022

8 precautions to take with sports clothes when washing and drying

With the arrival of summer, the desire to achieve good physical shape also grows, whether for health benefits or for aesthetic reasons.
In addition to the goals defined by the training plan and the care with food, an extremely important thing in the lives of athletes is the durability of training clothes. It's common for workout clothes to get old and fade over time. This happens, most of the time, not because of the wear and tear of the use itself, but because of the way the clothes were handled and stored.
Below are some tips to take better care of your sports clothes and preserve them for much longer.

1. Let the laundry dry before putting it in the hamper

There is no need to do laundry once you get home from the gym. In fact, putting it in the laundry basket while it is still wet can generate a bad smell, mold and worse, it can contaminate other clothes. Put them in the basket only after they are dry. Also remember not to mix wet clothes of light and dark colors, as the pieces are vulnerable to damage caused by the acidity of sweat. After they are dry, you can put them in a basket or take them to the washing machine.

2. Follow the washing instructions on the label
This is a valuable tip for any type of garment: following the manufacturer's washing instructions will ensure your garment lasts as long as possible. All pieces must contain an explanatory label and illustrated with drawings that will identify whether or not it can go in the washing machine or if it should be washed by hand. Also check if the garment can be dried on the drying rack or in the dryer and if it can be ironed. 100% cotton garments, for example, are prone to shrinkage, while synthetic fiber garments are more resistant to the tumble dryer. If you can't find information on the label, when in doubt, let them dry in the shade. Respecting the instructions of the piece, it preserves the clothing and maintains its condition for much longer.

3. Use vinegar to get rid of the sweat smell
Soap doesn't always take care of the bad smell caused by sweat. To make your sports clothes smell good when they come out of the washing machine, soak them in a solution of 5 liters of water and ½ cup of alcohol vinegar for 30 minutes before washing them.

4. Hand wash or use the delicates cycle
Sports clothes, in general, are very practical when it comes to washing and some machines have their own cycle for this type of clothing, which is already a tremendous help. Specialists indicate, however, that the clothes used in the gym should be hand washed, separated by color and, preferably, with a neutral soap. The ideal thing is to wash the clothes when you get home or at least let them soak if you are not going to wash them immediately.

5. Do not use fabric softener
Sportswear is typically made from polyester, polyamide and spandex. These materials do not do well with fabric softener. It can form a barrier that, over time, will make the pieces lose the characteristic that makes them “breathe” better.

6. Do not use hot water
Hot water damages the elastane and, over time, the garment loses its flexibility. Nylon clothes should preferably be washed in cold water and always on the gentle program, using a mild soap.

7. Do not centrifuge or twist
If possible, skip the spin step when washing in the machine. To remove excess water, squeeze the pieces instead of twisting them. This will greatly increase its lifespan.

8. Dry in the shade
Heat damages the fibers of sportswear. Therefore, they should not be dried in the dryer or in the sun. Choose an airy but shady spot. When drying your sports clothes, choose the open air. Many of the nylon parts available on the market melt if exposed to high temperatures, in addition to tending to shrink over time. The same goes for using iron! Always be careful when ironing your sports clothes, to use a cloth over the piece to prevent the iron from having direct contact with the clothes.