01 Mar 2017

How to save time ironing: tips that will transform this task

Ironing is not the preferred task of many of us, we know - but the truth is that it is a necessary task. After all, who likes to leave the house with their clothes all wrinkled? It is with this in mind that we bring you the tips and secrets that are capable of transforming the iron into a great ally, and not the most feared appliance.

How to save ironing time: what to do first, in 7 simple steps:

  1. Shake the damp clothes even before rolling them out to dry. his will prevent it from becoming too rumpled. The result? Less time to iron and wrinkle-free clothing.
  2. Shirts dry better if they are put to dry hanging on hangers.
  3. Collect the clothes from the clothesline while it is still a little damp.This prevents the fabrics from becoming "hard" and with creases more difficult to remove.
  4. On hot days or on the most difficult fabrics you can spray clothes with water before ironing.
  5. Arrange the ironing pieces according to the fabrics. Separate the most resistant from the most delicate. It will save time if you do not have to change the iron temperature too often.
  6. Choose an ironing board and a good quality iron and you will see how these great allies will help you get things done in less time.
  7. Other important tricks: Choose a board that allows steam to pass and set the iron to the correct temperature for each type of piece / fabric.

5 precious tips to iron more efficiently:

  1. Start the task with the most difficult clothes. Give priority to coats, shirts and trousers as, to ensure that they are free from creases, these pieces need to be ironed on both sides..
  2. Choose to iron the black garments inside out and prevent the hairs from getting stuck, also ensuring that they are not stained. Do the same with delicate fabrics, such as silk and satin, which are not marked.
  3. Reduce the temperature of the iron when handling stamped parts. This will prevent them from being damaged.
  4. After ironing, fold the garment over the side seams, ensuring that it gets rid of all creases..
  5. Leave the thicker clothes to the end, as this is when the iron reaches its highest temperature. This will prevent you from having to overdo the repetition of the ironing movements..

After reading this article, put aside the common mistakes you made when ironing. Surrender to the combination of the best technology with the best tricks!